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The Other Side Of It

I want to talk a little about my educational experience right now and its impact on why you should support my release. Let me give you a little background on college in Michigan prisons. In the 80s anyone in prison could get a degree and do it on a grant. I think it...

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Josh Puckett was a Cub Scout

Josh Puckett was a Cub Scout By BTL Staff| July 26th, 2012|Opinions By Kathleen LaTosch Viewpoint He was 14 years old when his gay father died from AIDS. Six months later his lesbian mom and her partner were shot point blank by their next-door neighbor, leaving him...

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Josh Puckett fights for freedom

Josh Puckett fights for freedom By Crystal A. Proxmire| July 15th, 2010|News The 1992 murder of the Huron Township couple Christine Puckett and Susan Pittmann sent fear, anger, and devastation surging through the Detroit-area LGBT community. Candlelight vigils were...

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20 Years by Josh Puckett

20 years ago on May 5th a boy came home to chalk outlines on the driveway, concrete stained red/brown with the blood of his mothers, and News cameras in his on once peaceful front yard.<img class="size-full wp-image-265" style="margin:...

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Chapter 1 – Inches

Inches. To finish my run all I needed to do was gain just a few inches.Running track was my new sport. it was nice to be part of a team again, even if it was at the very small St. John’s Lutheran Church and School. I had just finished clearing my best...

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