In 2012, Richard Strong was wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not commit, and was sentenced to natural life, despite the lack of evidence against him. This is his story.

In 2011, a man was tragically shot and murdered outside of a nightclub in Lansing, Michigan, as it closed its doors. Richard Strong was later arrested in 2012 and charged with his murder. He was subsequently convicted and sentenced to natural life in prison.

The facts in this case and lack of any physical evidence or motive should have easily proven Richard’s innocence but due to an ineffective court-appointed defence attorney who presented no defence, Richard was sentenced to natural life.

In Richard’s case, no gun was ever retrieved. The only evidence being three bullet shell castings, of which no trace of Richard’s DNA or fingerprints were ever found. Despite the police questioning over twenty witnesses at the scene of the crime, none of them came forward with any indication as to who the shooter was – let alone that it was Richard himself.

The only thing to implicate Richard as the guilty party was one woman who picked him out of a six-person photo line up. This woman repeatedly changed her version of what she witnessed that night, later changing the description of the ‘shooter’ altogether before admitting that she couldn’t remember due to the fact she was high on marijuana and intoxicated.

Subsequently, no motive for the crime was ever presented because Richard and the victim didn’t know each other, or have any third party connections.

Since his wrongful conviction and incarceration, Richard has vigilantly been fighting for his freedom and to prove his innocence. Richard has taken a Polygraph (lie detector) test given by a world-renowned Polygraph expert examiner who has worked as a Michigan State detective, Las Vegas, Nevada investigator, FBI examiner, and homeland security. Richard was asked if he committed this crime or had any knowledge of who did. His answers we’re all “no”, and he passed the Polygraph test with a result of 99.8% non-deception.

The astounding lack of evidence and lack of motive tying Richard Strong to this tragic crime and the fact that he passed a Polygraph test should prove his innocence and yet to this day, he remains incarcerated.

This injustice shows the errors in the American criminal justice system.
Richard has refused to let the injustice of this system define him. Since his incarceration in 2012, he has made it his purpose to better himself and help to improve the lives of the people in his community. Richard is a Jackson College student and is close to earning his Associates Degree. He is a Phi Theta Kappa honour society member, 4.0 student, on the Dean’s List, and a Writing Fellow. He has been a member of the Chance for Life program and is the vice president of the National Lifers of America chapter #1024, an advocacy group for criminal justice reform. Richard is also a mentor to other prisoners working with Dr Alison Jones of the Michigan Department of Corrections Psychological department. Along with fellow prisoner Joshua Puckett and Dr Jones, Richard helped develop a Gang Intervention program.

Richard has also written two books; one an autobiography titled “The Prodigal Son – My Road to Redemption” and a philosophy book titled “The Theology of Time”.

Richard Strong continues to fight to prove his innocence and prays that one day he will be free to reunite with his son and two daughters. He appreciates any prayers, love, or support in his movement to #freerichardstrong

Contact Info:
Richard Strong #253763
G. Robert Cotton Facility
3510 N. Elm
Jackson, MI 49201
E-mail @ J-Pay: Richard Strong #253763