The purpose of this site is to gain support for the release of a man who has been condemned to die in prison. Josh Puckett was sentenced to Death by Incarceration for his role in a Homicide that occurred on November 9th, 1995 on Detroit’s Southwest side.

Josh was only 18 years old at the time and was neither the shooter nor at the scene of the crime.

Now, 2+ decades later we, the friends and family of Josh, intend to demonstrate and why Josh Puckett is worthy of your support, and a second chance at life outside of prison.

This site will explain what Josh has accomplished in prison, who Josh is now, and how he went from being an innocent child to a convicted murderer sentenced to die in prison for a crime in which he didn’t even fire a weapon.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to Joshua’s freedom doesn’t stop upon his release! The Family & Friends Committee to Free Josh Puckett is dedicated to ensuring Joshua’s successful transition back into society. We understand that being champions for his release comes with an obligation to the public. We are all fully prepared to support, guide, educate and otherwise assist Joshua to make certain he experiences personal victories. Additionally, Joshua’s commitment to his community is ours by virtue; we will be there to make certain he has the tools to triumph his pledge to his community.

Youthful Brain Science

Josh has exhausted all but 1 appeal so there is little hope for his release on direct appeal but he does have his last appeal, a 6500 motion left. Yet, around the United States the courts are beginning to understand that it is unconstitutional to keep young adults in prison until they die.`


The 1992 murder of the Huron Township couple Christine Puckett and Susan Pittmann sent fear, anger, and devastation surging through the Detroit-area LGBT community. Candlelight vigils were held, activist groups spoke out against hate and, in 2002, Affirmations dedicated a community art gallery in their name.


The supporting and opposing perspectives of Joshua Puckett’s release were compiled after an extensive case review including psych evaluation by Dr. Steven R. Miller, Ph.D., review of Joshua’s institutional file and multiple interviews with family/supporters who keep in close contact with him. As we see it, these are our findings:


Dr. Steven R. Miller, Ph.D., LP Consulting Forensic Examiner

Licensed Psychologist




What is Commutation?

The State of Michigan has begun seriously considering the release of some of its indeterminate and lifer inmates due to prison overcrowding, budget constraints and a number of other motivating factors. Many commutations have already been considered and the inmates released.

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