Please take a moment to read the statements below from the people who support Josh. From friends & family to Dr’s, professionals, and state senates alike, see what they have to say.

Josh is an excellent mentor, and has a great desire to learn and teach his peers..

Dr A Jones, Phd, Director of Mentor Program

Over the years, I have been able to witness Josh mature. I have seen him educate himself and watched as he went from a high school dropout to a college grad.I have seen his ability to write and express himself catapult. I have observed his self-image evolve from one of youthful misapprehension to one of a wiser adult who sees things from multiple perspectives and appreciates his own strengths and weaknesses.

Stephen Silha, Filmmaker

Joshua’s risk to society, given his self-reflection and brain development, is minimal to none. He has demonstrated a significant change that is consistent with brain science on the physiology of the developing brain and neuroplasticity. He is certainly a good a good candidate for prison release. He understands the enormous impact to others and himself from the violence that occurred (as a result of his participation in the crime). He does not dismiss or justify his actions at the time of the crime.

Dr Henry, Childhood Trauma Dr, PhD

During his time in prison, Mr. Puckett has earned his GED, a certificate in horticulture, a certificate in greenhouse management, and a certificate in ministry. He has also taken computer classes (where he is now a class mentor). He completed anger management program and now helps facilitate the program. He has not had any substance abuse problems. Mr. Puckett was put in charge of the horticulture program at Michigan Reformatory. He has not been involved in any gang activity in prison.

Martha G Scott, State Senate, 2nd Division

Josh is an activist, leader, and fighter for those who often have no voice of their own. His great work ethic, focus, and drive to help others is refreshing in an environment where people like him are a rarity. So, if you ask me, who is Josh? Personally, for me, I call him my friend.

Troy Leversee, Tutoring Coworker

At Josh’s only parole board review (which for lifers is only a formality) Parole Board Member Artina Hardiman said in her report after meeting with Josh, “this prisoner is very remorseful… this Parole Board Member wants the (parole) board to know this young man deserves a second chance at life…”

Artina Hardman, Former Senate & Parole Board Member

Josh is committed to being not only a functioning member of society but a positive force in the war against gang membership and violence and remains an inspiration to others who have suffered great loss such as he has, by sharing his life story.

Christine Ryan

Josh Puckett's Educational Achievements

Josh recently graduated with an associates degree in business. He holds a 4.0 GPA and has undertaken many vocational trades. A full list of Josh’s achievements both personally and in education can be found via clicking the button below.