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  • Chapter 1 – Inches
    Inches. To finish my run all I needed to do was gain just a few inches. Running track was my new sport. it was nice to be part of a team again, even if it was at the very small St. John’s Lutheran Church and School. I had just finished clearing my best height yet […]

  • Survive & Thrive
    Being new to the corrections system, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was certainly concerned with my safety in this harrowing environment, and decided on a twofold approach: first, survive, by any and all means necessary; second, to endeavor to thrive in this confined space. These two tasks were easier said than done. […]

  • Josh Answers Questions for an Online Radio Show
    Is Substance Abuse the Core Issue with Regard to My Circumstance? I’d say No, & Yes. For me substance abuse was a social vice used to help me feel I fit in, and also a bit of escapism to run from the pain of loosing both my parents. I never used alone, nor did my […]

  • Chippewa Correctional Facility Adds TASERs to Its Use of Force Continuum by Efren Paredes, Jr.

  • 20 Years by Josh Puckett
    20 years ago on May 5th a boy came home to chalk outlines on the driveway, concrete stained red/brown with the blood of his mothers, and News cameras in his on once peaceful front yard. 20 years ago 2 women who were business parters, parenting partners, life partners, and married partners; were taken away from […]