Commutation / Re-Entry and Relapse Prevention Plan

What is Commutation?

The State of Michigan has begun seriously considering the release of some of its indeterminate and lifer inmates due to prison overcrowding, budget constraints and a number of other motivating factors. Many commutations have already been considered and the inmates released.

The Michigan Parole and Commutation Board are taxed with considering more than 300 commutation applications per month; only some are selected to receive public hearings before they see the Governor’s desk. Typically, the community does not have a say in whose sentence gets commuted. The Family & Friends Committee to Free Josh Puckett would like to offer the people an opportunity for their voices to be heard. Therefore, we would like to expose Joshua as a candidate for release and let the people speak for themselves.

In many cases, the number of years served is considered a critical factor to a potential candidate. While significant “punishment” is certainly a legitimate philosophy, those inmates who have spent a great number of years in the penal system lack support and stability to make it in the free world, often to return to a life of crime. You will find the opposite is true for Joshua.

The Family & Friends Committee to Free Josh Puckett believe Joshua makes an extraordinary candidate given his personal development since incarceration, his exceptionally strong and committed support system, his relatively age and his determination not only to rejoin society but to give back to the community.

Joshua Puckett and the Family & Friends Committee to Free Josh Puckett has been meticulous in preparing a substantial Re-entry and Relapse Prevention Plan. This plan was formulated to assist with his reintegration into society, takes into account the importance of a structured lifestyle and offers realistic goals.

The Family & Friends Committee to Free Josh Puckett is dedicated to ensuring Joshua’s successful transition back into society. We understand that being champions for his release comes with an obligation to the public. Our committee is fully prepared to support, guide, educate and otherwise assist Joshua to make certain he experiences victories both personal and within the community.

 Re-Entry and Relapse Prevention Plan

Working side by side to develop the plan ensures the committee members and Joshua have a holistic understanding of the timeline and expectations.

Joshua has been actively involved with his all-embracing network of supporters to establish home, transportation, employment, educational, spiritual and psychological support. Formal communications submitted with his Application for Commutation of Sentence authenticate said support.

[For purposes of privacy – these communications are not included on this website.]



Joshua has four housing options, to date, offered by both family members and friends. Formal communications submitted with his Application for Commutation of Sentence authenticate said options.

[For purposes of privacy – these communications are not included on this website.]



Joshua has received formal education and has extensive experience in the field of horticulture, and he is earning his associates degree. He has led and assisted several garden programs during his incarceration. Joshua has four solid employment opportunities in place.

Additionally, Joshua has a variety of marketable practical and relationship skills. He is consistently regarded as a leader among his peers. He has exercised his strong relationship building ability as a formal mentor as part of the Do Your Own Time program and is informally sought out among his peers.

Week 1

  • Obtain a Drivers License
  • Register my vehicle
  • Join local support groups, i.e., AA, NA, Group Therapy, PFLAG, etc.
  • Begin job search
  • Join a local gym
  • Begin one on one therapy
  • Reconnect with my family

Month 1

  • Begin volunteer work (PFLAG and other organizations)
  • Work with a student advisor at a local college to develop a curriculum/plan to earn a business degree and begin classes
  • Join a local recreational sports league (with/for people within my age group)
  • Have a steady job
  • Continue search for a position within the horticulture industry
  • Being researching and exploring necessary steps to writing a biography (objective: educate/inspire others to avoid the pitfalls of gang activity and violence and the benefits of grief counseling)

Year 1

  • Have a solid position within my career field
  • Have completed ½ year worth of courses toward an Associate’s Degree in business and have adopted plan to continue my education through the next year
  • Participate/initiate a Safe Streets chapter in Detroit
  • Continue writing my biography and begin researching publishing possibilities
  • Explore speaking opportunities at colleges and community centers
  • Have my own apartment

5 Year

  • Purchase and own my own house
  • Be engaged in a healthy monogamous relationship
  • Own my own greenhouse business
  • Have earned my Associate’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree
  • Take major steps toward becoming a professional motivational speaker