Joshua Puckett was born on the west side of Detroit to a lesbian couple, Christine Puckett and “Michelle,” who were intentional in their decision to have a child. Joshua’s father, Joseph Creedon, was a gay man who consented to donate and be “Uncle Joe.” Christine’s relationship with Michelle didn’t last and she soon found herself a single mother.

Christine was a troubled woman who struggled with bipolar disorder and the social condemnation of being a single mother and a lesbian. She ran a modest real estate business in which she and Joshua moved into a house, fixed it up, rented it out and moved on to the next house. Because of their transient lifestyle, Joshua rarely had the opportunity to develop childhood friendships.

About The Team

Our commitment to Joshua’s freedom doesn’t stop upon his release! The Family & Friends Committee to Free Josh Puckett is dedicated to ensuring Joshua’s successful transition back into society. We understand that being champions for his release comes with an obligation to the public. We are all fully prepared to support, guide, educate and otherwise assist Joshua to make certain he experiences personal victories. Additionally, Joshua’s commitment to his community is ours by virtue; we will be there to make certain he has the tools to triumph his pledge to his community.

What is Commutation?

The State of Michigan has begun seriously considering the release of some of its indeterminate and lifer inmates due to prison overcrowding, budget constraints and a number of other motivating factors. Many commutations have already been considered and the inmates released.


The supporting and opposing perspectives of Joshua Puckett’s release were compiled after an extensive case review including psych evaluation by Dr. Steven R. Miller, Ph.D., review of Joshua’s institutional file and multiple interviews with family/supporters who keep in close contact with him. As we see it, these are our findings:


The 1992 murder of the Huron Township couple Christine Puckett and Susan Pittmann sent fear, anger, and devastation surging through the Detroit-area LGBT community. Candlelight vigils were held, activist groups spoke out against hate and, in 2002, Affirmations dedicated a community art gallery in their name.


Dr. Steven R. Miller, Ph.D., LP Consulting Forensic Examiner

Licensed Psychologist




That Fateful Day

Joshua Puckett had adapted to his new IGM (Insane Gangster Mafia) family and lifestyle with ease.  He was an accepted member of a family who was loyal to one another; he would never be left alone in the world again.

“Miller Factors”

(Taken from SCOTUS: Miller v. Alabama 2012)
1) Consideration of a child’s chronological age and its hallmark
features, such as immaturity, impetuosity, and failure to
appreciate risks and consequences.
2) The family and home environment — from which the youth
cannot usually extricate himself, even if it is brutal or
3) The youth’s role in the crime
4) Potential to become rehabilitated.


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Each letter of support we secure is a step closer to Joshua’s release.

Your voice, as a community member is invaluable. Each letter of support we secure is a step closer to Joshua’s release. Letters of support submitted to the Governor and/or Parole and Commutation Board will automatically be added to Joshua’s commutation application. The application will be thoroughly examined and considered by many different people in addition to the Parole and Commutation Board, including the attorney who prosecuted Joshua’s case and the current Attorney General. While they are public servants charged with looking out for the best interest of the community, you ARE the community member so your letter of support is VERY powerful!





The Family & Friends Committee to Free Josh Puckett is made up of dedicated volunteer advocates for Joshua Puckett. 

My family and I reside on Joint Base Lewis McChord, roughly 40 miles south of Seattle in the state of Washington. My husband, Zac and I have two wonderful children. Christopher is 11 years old and Desiree is 9 years old. I am a Section Manager Assistant at State Farm Insurance Company (DuPont Operations Center).


My name is Tracy Barone, I am 33 years old, I have been married to Joe for 9 years and we have two daughters.  Alexandria is 6 and Alayna is 5.  We have lived in Westland, Michigan for 7 years.  I am a General Manager overseeing the Westland Foods Division for Macy’s.   I am a member of my children’s PTA, a Girl Scout leader and assist at their school in testing children for fine motor skills (motor moms).  As I see it, I am an outstanding citizen within the community.


I am Kathleen Baker.  My husband and I live in Walled Lake, Michigan where I am a glass artist by trade.

I have been one of Joshua’s closest family connections since he entered prison in 1996. I communicate with him weekly, if not more, and have bore witness to his personal growth.  The 33-year-old man Joshua is now is a mere reflection of who he was when he was 19 years old. I am proud to be part of The Family and Friends Committee to Free Josh Puckett.


My name is Brian Alexander and I have been a Detroit tri-county community member for about 46 years.  I work in Warren, Michigan at Renaissance Unity Church.  Upon receiving a degree in Photography and completing a program at The Motion Picture Institute of Michigan, I was inspired to produce a documentary film about the murders of Susan Pittmann and Christine Puckett, as their tragedy had a great impact on me.


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